“I started competing 6 years ago on my own with no coach or guidance and those preps were the most difficult and mentally taxing. Fast forward 2 years and I reached out to Mark with only 9 weeks left before show time and he turned a painful prep into the most smooth process. We came into the Big Cat Classic as the most conditioned person there bringing home some hardware. Since then Mark has helped me look like I somewhat know what I’m doing for posing. He is the master planner and has helped me grow in the sport and a person. Proud to call him a coach and friend.” – Nicolas B., PA


“I started with Mark back in 2019 and I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve accomplished in only a couple short years. It first started out with my father joining ATC and wanting to compete so I decided to follow and give it a try, and I haven’t looked back since.

“In October of 2019 I competed in my first show, The Big Cat Classic. I took home 4 trophies in my first show and couldn’t believe how much I fell In love with the sport and the coaching of Mark. Now from that point on it wasn’t easy I have a stomach disease called gastritis and it’s not easy to deal with. I cannot intake some of the food and supplements other competitors can take. So that being said Mark out together time and time again as I would get flare ups from my disease a perfect meal plan to get me back on track and exact where I wanted and needed to be.

“Later on in 2021 I competed in my 2nd show and it was the Big Cat Classic again, and I came home with 4 trophies and an Overall win, and it was all thanks to him pushing me through the prep physically and mentally. This prep was a difficult one mentally I almost didn’t want to do it, when I brought it up to Mark he did the only thing that any coach should do and that is talk to you. And I mean really talk to you and understand where you’re coming from and do everything and anything he can to get your mind right.

“A coach should not just be a coach, that coach should be someone you can call family and if that’s what you’re looking for, you found the man to do the job.” – Frank F., NJ


Armstrong Training Concepts is the real deal. Whether lifestyle coaching or stage prep, Mark will guide you through week by week with proper meal plan and nutritional supplementation, for whatever your desired goals are. He is very hands on, and will respond quickly to any questions you may have. Male or female, ATC is the right choice for any coaching or healthy living lifestyle. – Troy Benn, West Deptford, NJ